Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Supply, Round 2

After nine months of waiting, I finally received all of the research from Dean Lowry that I needed to continue with my paper. The National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) each year compiles what it calls Higher Education Arts Data Services (HEADS) reports. This report contains information on enrollment, degrees awarded, numbers of faculty, music schools budget and other educational data and is designed to provide comprehensive management data on arts in higher education so that deans and school officials have knowledge about the industry and will be able to make the proper decisions about the organizations future.

I extract the enrollment and graduation figures from this data to form the basis of supply curve. Now, there is a lot of other data contained in the HEADS report on faculty and administrative qualifications and pay scale that are not relevant to my report. I will also be casually observing the demographics data of the music students (gender, ethnicity, etc) to see if there are any major shifts or trends. If there is, I will collect this data as well for analysis, through it will not demand as much of my attention as the enrollment and graduation figures.

So now, I have to look forward to a long weekend ahead, where I probably will forgo Margaritas and Derby pie for Excel sheets and white noise.