Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Almost made the New York Times!

Oh, if only I had finished my research a few months earlier!

I woke up to find this article on my e-mail doorstep.

It's okay, though. Dan Wakin refers to the future openings, while all my research refers to the past decade of job openings. Still, I am going to send him and email and tell him about my project. Perhaps I can convince him to write an amended article in the future...

Friday, July 02, 2010

It's finally complete

I put this blog on hold when I moved to Houston. What did I do with my time:

56% -> Work or work-related activities
22% -> Concertizing
11% -> Attempts at being social
5% -> Thinking about completing my research
3% -> Vacations
2% -> Worrying about the state of world affairs
1% -> Completing the research on my paper

After surviving the monsoon-like remnants of Hurricane Alex to work at Rice University, I had finally collected the last few issues of the International Musician needed to complete my research on job openings from the past season.

I double-checked all of my figures, but the numbers did not lie - job openings were drastically down in 2009-2010. There may be a few reasons: economic slowdown, questions over the direction of new music directors at prominent orchestras, etc. Whatever the cause, I now have completed my research and now move onto completing my final draft.

But after the holiday.