Sunday, January 04, 2015

Organizational Inertia

Daily Drucker 4:  Make sure your nonprofit organization has rigorous tests and yardsticks to measure performance.

How does one define success in the performing arts?  Is the number of audience members a good measure?  Does an organization who has 500 patrons who each comes 10 times less effective than an organization that has 5,000 one-time members?  If audience is the measure, do we measure satisfaction - how many patrons returned again for another performance or exhibit?

How does the organization involve itself within the community?  Are they active in schools and neighborhoods?  Are they viewed as a public good or a just another piece in the community puzzle?

How does one judge all of these qualities and compare them against an organization in another city?  Is the Boston Symphony the best because of their large budget, or Chicago with the most recordings, or Cleveland with the most tours.

The measure of the performing arts comes down to this - did you move people.  Move them them to attend, move them to give, move them to act.

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