Thursday, January 08, 2015

Autonomy in Knowledge Work

Daily Drucker 8:  Write a work plan that includes your focus, desired results, and deadline.  Submit it to your boss.

What am I going to focus on?
1.)  Expanding my knowledge of Tessitura, and possibly SQL.
2.)  Become well-versed in non-profit financial management strategies, accounting and systems.
3.)  Improve my knowledge of investments as related to endowment management.
4.)  Be comfortable and confident enough to create a viable long-term fiscal model.

What results can be expected for which I should be held accountable?
1.)  Attendance at the Tessitura conference; demonstrate knowledge of Tessitura and/or SQL via projects.
2.)  Offer better opinions and options when reviewing internal financials and budgets of potential projects; identify methods and strategies to make the company more efficient.
3.)  Speak intelligent with members of the endowment committee about the health and future of the symphony's endowment; evaluate plans submitted by services to manage the endowment.
4.)  Use knowledge to create various models for the Symphony (1, 3, 5, 10 years, with variations)

By what deadline?

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