Sunday, January 11, 2015

Management and Theology

Daily Drucker No. 11:  Do you have any colleagues who are truly evil?  Is there anything you can do about it?

To label a co-worker as "evil" would be quite dramatic.  The word "evil" is defined by maleficence and intent to injure with knowledge and forethought.  However, I do believe that some co-workers are selfish and often put their own interests and future before the good of the company.  While not evil, they are hindering the company from being as productive or effective as it could be if they were not in the way.  Some employees may be completely in the dark about how their process or method of acting is hindering the company from moving forward.  In my observations, most people know that what they are doing, from coming in late to not getting the work done in a timely manner to using company resources for personal projects, consciously know they are stealing from the company, but will continue to do it until they are caught.

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